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Chiang man art scene

On Saturday Jim and I decided to do different things. He went jungle trekking to Doi Inthanon national park in search of rare birds and animals. I went art gallery trekking in search of the Thai art scene. SUCCESS!!! While searching the web for art contacts I stumbled upon Marisa Marchitell. I contacted her and she directed me to go to the museum of modern art and to contact KitiKong, founder and owner of C.A.P. Studio Chiang Mai art on paper, a large print shop in Chiang Mai

the museum a contemporary art museum on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. It dealt with themes that are relevant to Asia’s as a whole.

Kitikong C.A.P. Studio selectively invites artists from all over the world to his shop to create prints. He is a master printer trained at the university in Chiang Mai with a masters in printing from a university in Australia. He asks only that the artist leave half the prints.

Kitikong spent quite amount of time going thru the prints. They were all stunning. All different styles, from realism to fanciful to abstract. He recognizes the untapped potential of the Thai art market and has plans to dramatically expand his print shop. He also has encouraged young printers from the university to also set up shop. He would like Chiang Mai to be a print capital of Asia.

KitiKong has also been amassing a collection of art. He has purchased old masters and has been given art by the invited artists to his studio. He plans to build an art museum in Chiang Mai province. KitiKong has purchased the land, and a famous Thai architect has already designed the building. the plan is it to be built in the next 10 year.

We agreed to stay in touch and strengthen the art relationship across the globe.

C.A.P. Studio is in the University area of the city. It is a modern area with very modern boutique hotels that cater to Chinese tourists.

I had lunch at the gallery Seascape, the lunch was amazing and the gallery is mainly of graffiti, very modern, felt like a gallery you would see in Berlin .

I also went to The three owls gallery a gallery of the watercolor of Worawuth Srakaeo. They were very masterful!

It it was a very exciting day indeed

Jim was less successful having seen 3 waterfalls, 2 dogs and a pigeon.

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